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Red Fox Farm

6401 Blowers Rd. Munnsville,
 NY 13409

We purchased the farm in June 2007

Jim and I bought the farm from Sarah Blowers (Jim's Grandma) in June of 2007.  Our overall goal is to reestablish the farm, renovate and share it with our friends and family.   Build new memories and above all allow the family history to live on.


It was always my husbands dream to raise his family in same place that his grandparents did.  On the farm in a little town, surrounded by peace and beauty, his grandparents land he knew inside and out.  Jim always told the great stories of growing up on the farm.  Memories only I could imagine.  Grandpa too had more stories than anyone I knew, and I enjoyed hearing each and everyone of them.  Grandma and Grandpa's story will live forever....... Our story begins a new journey of hope and dreams that will bring fond memories that we too will someday share with those many people close and dear. 

Sarah & Jim Blowers

Grandpa (Jim Blowers) was an avid outdoorsman

He tought Jim (My husband) everything he knows....


So begins.......Red Fox Farm

We are now in business and operating as Red Fox Farm.  The name was chosen by Jim in memory of his grandfather, Jim Blowers.  Grandpa was a great red fox trapper and was very well known to many people in Madison County and surrounding areas.  I am still amazed when people realize who I am, the stories they tell of the Jim Blowers they knew and loved.  He was very well liked and a very respected man.  

Grandpa and Grandma welcomed me with open arms and I was delighted to be able to get to know them.  I grew to respect and love them just as I do my own grandparents.  They tought me many lessons that I will cherish forever. 

We have since obtained many calves for our growing farm business.  We are expecting our first calves to be born to our two Herford Hiefers Thelma and Louise late this summer into early fall.  Check back to see pictures of our first calves born on the farm.



Welcome to our farm. Red Fox Farm was established May, 2007
We raise Hereford cattle for beef sales, all natural, grass fed only for the
leanest, great tasting beef.
Red Fox Farm's very own Jams & Jellies began in the spring of 2009 with an average of 40 flavors
our Jams/Jellies are all natural, with no preservatives and made with local products!

We are fully licensed with Ag & Markets 20c Commercial Kitchen licensing and fully insured. Please check us out on facebook for daily updates.

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